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Multi-State Concealed Carry Training Courses

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Pre-Registration is REQUIRED for our Multi-State Concealed Carry Training Course.  Please call, or email us at Email me, and provide the following information:

  • First and last name.
  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Which states you are seeking training for (Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Florida available).
  • How you heard about our training.

You will receive an emailed response from us within 48 hours confirming your Pre-Registration and providing you with a link for some necessary documents.  If you do not receive this email, please check your SPAM filters and Junk Mail folders for email from Email me.

The courses listed above are sponsored by the location so you save $5.00 off our regular fee!

The core curriculum covers basic firearms safety, handgun parts, operations, safe storage and carrying; ammunition components, firing sequence and malfunctions; defensive marksmanship basics; violent encounters and their aftermath; current federal laws regarding purchase, transfer, transport and possession of firearms.  This portion of the course takes 4-5 hours.

Following that, state specific course modules cover laws on self-defense, use of force, use of deadly force, prohibited areas, other firearms laws and application procedures for Oregon, Utah, Arizona and Florida. Each state module requires another 20-30 minutes to cover necessary material (you only need to stay for the states you choose to apply for).  You will leave the course with all materials we are able to provide you with to apply for each state you choose.  Each state requires separate, additional fees paid directly to that state for processing and fulfilling your license/permit.  Additional details are provided on the Firearms Courses page.

Cost: Multi-State Concealed Carry Training = $45.00 (Oregon Training Included)
           + Utah = $45.00
           + Arizona = $25.00
           + Florida = $75.00
           Discounted price for MSCCT and all states = $180.00 (Save $10.00)



At the age of 49, I’ve finally checked off one of the goals I’ve put off far too long: owning a firearm and receiving the proper training to handle and use it.

For many years I’ve felt slightly vulnerable.  Aside from a baseball bat, I had no way of protecting my family.  Whether it is in our own home in the dead of night, or camping in God’s great creation, there is little I could do to protect my loved ones if the 1 in 1000 chance every occurred.

I saw the website and was impressed.  I called Pacific Coast Personal Protection Training and asked if they’d be willing to help me with information to help narrow down my search for an appropriate firearm, and the training I’d need to go with it.  I was a complete novice.  The last time I’d fired anything was as a boy.  I was lucky I didn’t put a bullet through my sneakers at that age.

R.F. was a fantastic resource.  He was gracious with his time and patient in demeanor.  He didn’t treat me like an idiot, even though I was fairly clueless.  I had walked into gun shops before and there was often this attitude they exhibited which made me feel dumb.  I couldn’t wait to leave.  R.F. let me know it was OK to ask very basic questions.  So, I did.  He provided valuable advice on what to look for in a gun and helped me narrow down the vast inventory of guns on this planet to just a few.  This saved me time and money.

When the day came to purchase my handgun, I did so with confidence.  I walked into a local dealer knowing what to expect in completing the transaction.  I was comfortable with purchasing ammo and the entire background check process.   Walking out of the store with my new gun was a great feeling and a goal completed.

I called R.F. right away and scheduled time for my wife and I to come out to his range and receive his course on gun safety and usage.  As always, R.F. was thinking a step ahead.  He provided me with some suggestions for proper high quality, in home gun storage.  I made a purchase right away.

Within the next few weeks, my wife and I made the trip to the coast to receive personal gun safety and handling training from R.F.  It was a great process working with him.  We spent time in the classroom in a very relaxed and hands-on setting.  When he was confident we had absorbed and understood what we had went over, we went to the range and commenced the range firing component.  The range he uses is a private range with safety always coming first.  He was extremely careful to point out all areas of gun range etiquette.

Even though my wife and I are complete first timers, R.F. treated us with the respect one would show to their most valuable customer.  It was a day well spent.  How many days can you look back on this year and say, “That was a really great day?”  Well, for my wife and I, it was a great day.

If you are considering purchasing a firearm and receiving training in the proper use of a gun, I’d strongly recommend you contact Pacific Coast Personal Protection Training first.  Feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience training with them.  You can get my contact information from R.F.




News from Oregon

2017 Oregon Legislative Session Begins February 1st

The 2017 Oregon legislative session will convene on February 1, 2017 and there are several anti-gun bills already proposed.  See the linked Oregon Firearms Federation alert for complete information.

News from Around the Region

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Reciprocity - 2016 Changes

Effective July 1, 2016 Nevada now recognizes the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit.

We offer Utah CFP training as an additional module to our Multi-State course.  The cost is an additional $45.00 (you must also pay the fee for the Multi-State Course) and you will leave the course with all required materials including application, training stamp, fingerprints, photograph, a copy of your drivers license and even a pre-addressed envelope to mail them in.

Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit is Once Again Valid in Nevada

Effective June 18, 2015, the state of Nevada is once again recognizing Arizona Concealed Weapons Permits!  For resident and non-resident Arizona permit holders, concealed carry into and through Nevada is once again legal.  Read the most recent Nevada Department of Public Safety Recognition list here:

We offer Arizona CWP training as an additional module to our Multi-State course.  The cost is an additional $25.00 (you must also pay the fee for the Multi-State Course) and you will leave the course with all required materials including application, training certificate, fingerprints and even a pre-addressed envelope to mail them in.



FBI Fingerprint Card Examples

There is a right way and a wrong way to fill out the header of FBI Fingerprint Cards that have been provided to you by your instructor.  Filling them out incorrectly may result in your application for a concealed firearm permit or license being rejected until any deficiencies have been corrected.  At the end of each of our Multi-State Concealed Carry Training Courses, our instructors will check your FBI Fingerprint Cards for accuracy and legibility.  If however, you chose to have your fingerprints done elsewhere and did not have our instructors check your cards, you may review which fields you must complete for each state we provide fingerprints for here.  The highlighted areas are required, and remember, all FBI Fingerprint Cards must be completed in BLACK INK.

FBI Fingerprint Card Example for the State of Utah

FBI Fingerprint Card Example for the State of Arizona

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